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brake-lamp-logoFurgerson's Garage is a California-licensed Brake and Lamp Inspection and Repair Facility, servicing most automobiles and motorcycles. An Official Brake and Lamp Inspection is conducted by technicians licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repair in a station licensed to do such inspections using B.A.R. approved equipment and procedures.

Why Do I Need a Brake and/or Lamp Inspection?

A Brake and Lamp Inspection is usually required when the vehicle in question has been in an accident and the owner is seeking a "revived" salvage certificate or have received a citation from a law enforcement agency requiring an inspection and certificate to clear.

What is a Brake and Lamp Inspection?

The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to assure that a vehicle being issued a salvage certificate is in a safe and roadworthy condition prior to being retitled.

When you "revive" a salvaged vehicle, either due to accident or damage or theft of the vehicle to be changed, even though the owner remains the same.

DMV requires that a State Licensed Inspection station conduct a thorough and complete examination of these critical components which may have been possibly damaged or misaligned due to an accident or as a result of theft damage.

A vehicle may also need such an inspection to correct a defect cited by a law enforcement agency such as the California Highway patrol. This is called a Brake and Lamp Inspection and when successfully completed, a certificate is issued to be presented to the DMV or California Highway Patrol as proof of correction of any cited condition and the safety of the vehicle.

How is the Brake Inspection Conducted?

During an Official Brake Inspection, the technician will determine if any defects exist in the vehicles braking system which will include the removal of the vehicles road wheels to conduct a general visual inspection and then use special measuring devices to assure that the manufacturers specifications as regards the braking system are met and that no hazard exists which would cause the brake system to not operate properly or even fail.

How is the Lamp Inspection Conducted?

For the Lamp Inspection, the licensed technician will check to see that the lighting systems of the vehicle are in correct operating condition. This will generally include using specially designed and certified equipment to measure the aim of the beam of the headlights as well as the visual inspection of any exterior safety lighting devices such as turn signals and clearance lights.

Also of major concern is the proper operation of the brake lamp and tail light electrical system. Once successfully completed, the technician will issue a certificate, good for 90 days, to be presented to the requesting agency, usually the Department of Motor Vehicles.



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